Sexual Harassment of Women in workplaces has been a problem for various women and young girls over the years, as it poses a threat to their right to safety and dignity. It is seen as a form of violence as it acts as an infringement to their fundamental rights as a human being, as clearly defined by the Constitution of India.

Addressing the same, the Government of India came up with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition &Redressal) Act in 2013, as it recognises the risk to a woman’s employment prospects 8or creation of a hostile work environment due to ‘Sexual Harassment’ at workplace, and expressly seeks to prohibit such acts of violence or discrimination. An effective implementation of the Act will contribute to safer working conditions throughout the country. This would further increase the chances of women being more economically inclusive with gender-equal opportunities, which in turn would lead to their personal as well as the nation’s progress.

Tharuni has been proactive in fighting this evil as curbing it aids the economic inclusion and gender equality. It has also extended a dialogue with the Private Sector for making inclusive and safer workplaces for women a reality.