Trafficking in Warangal District:Though never measured empirically, it is known that Warangal has high prevalence of trafficking of young girls for sexual exploitation. The tribal girls and girls belonging to Scheduled Castes and other Backward Castes are sold off, sometimes knowingly, and at times in the guise of marriage or employment. Girls from the district are trafficked to Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. Abject poverty, lopsided economic development, lack of proper irrigation, coupled with a well connected rail and road network across the country, makes the girl children from the district vulnerable to being trafficked

 Tharuni’s intervention to stop trafficking of girls from Villages of Warangal district:Tharuni works for the all round development of Adolescent Girls in the District of Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. In the process Tharuni has set up 200 BalikaSangams (Young Women Clubs) in seventy villages in three Mandals to bring them together and help them realize their potential.

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