Working towards Empowerment of Adolescent Girls Women and the Aged

‘THARUNI’ was started in 2000, by Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer and her mother as a small effort. However, today, Tharuni blossomed into a Forum for the Girls where they can get the required support for all their basic needs. ‘THARUNI’ means a young woman. Being a Non – Governmental organization, it works for the all round development of Adolescent Girls, Women & the Aged. Tharuni aims to educate the girl to enjoy a higher self-esteem and greater say in decision making, to marry at a right age, and play a major role in social development. Tharuni also focuses on ensuring the well being of women at all stages of their lives.

Our Vision

Empowering Adolescent Girls, Women and Aged to build a better world where there is no Discrimination.

Our Mission

To make the adolescent girls and women attain their rightful place as equal partners with men in development, by fully harnessing their potential.

Our Objectives

  • To work for the welfare of the girl child
  • To enlighten the adolescent girls on health & hygiene and impart quality education
  • To provide vocational education and promote life skill development to enhance self confidence in adolescent girls
  • To develop their personality by conducting sports and games for adolescent girls
  • To work for eradication of child marriages, dowry and other social evils
  • To educate the women for optimum utilization of government schemes in various fields
  • To involve women in environmental initiatives
  • To educate the women on health issues
  • To empower the aged to be self-reliant and make their old age meaningful and productive
  • To provide physical and psychological care for the elderly apart from strengthening their bonds with society