Bandhavya: Bandhavya – The Premier Relationship Management Academy of Tharuni, provides services to strengthen and support all the relationships in your life – with self, your partner, your family, your children, your employer/employee, and your teacher/student and any other relationship to occur within life’s eventual transitions. Moreover, Bandhavya offers Victim Rehabilitation and Counseling services to benefit those in need of it.

  • Tharunopayam: Tharunopayam is a unique concept of providing expert advice through a Confidential SMS Helpline 9000-24-3000. Anyone can approach this helpline through SMS and geṭ prompt help on issues concerning adolescent girls and women.
  • Swecha: Another novel initiative by Tharuni, Swecha encourages women to be mobile by conducting two-wheeler training, both geared and non-geared, thereby encouraging freedom through mobility.
  • Bharosa: Tharuni has conceptualised ‘, an initiative by Hyderabad City Police, in 2016. Acting as a Technical Partner, Tharuni supports Bharosa in providing a host of services from Legal, Medical, Psychotherapeutic and Prosecutorial, all under one roof for the victims of violence and 
  • NILA: Tharuni, as its legal wing, is fully operational through Network of International Legal Activists (NILA) to support women and children across the world against gender atrocities, for free. NILA helps counsel and initiate legal proceedings to women and children affected by violence, for an improved access to judicial provisions to seek relief. NILA could solve 52 cases over the last two years, related to domestic violence, marital conflict/divorce and workplace harassment among others.
  • Gurukul: Children of domestic workers are trained in TharuniGurukul since the past 13 years. Children are taught spoken English, computer education and
  • BalikaSanghas: BalikaSanghas / Girl Child Clubs, have been primarily constituted for empowering adolescent girls to attain an equal place as boys in the family and society. Through BalikaSanghas, girls found support to resist gender stereotypes, express themselves freely, take pride in their successes, feel comfortable with their bodies, have confidence and got to explore a world of opportunities to grow. They became the change agents for addressing not only the problems they face but also others in their communities.

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